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Neightis ref by NeightTheDragon
Neightis ref
Name: Neightis

Gender: Female

Species: Dragon

Age: 21-23

Accessories: Golden ring with magical blue stone. She does not know how to use its magic and why she has to guard this thing. To prevent stealing, she puts ancient ring on a spike right above her eyes, but it makes her unable to see it. Well, who dares to steal jewelry from the big and mighty dragon anyway? Oh, about that:

Height - 180 cm (when standing on two legs)

Special abilities: Fire breathing, fast flying, poor spellcasting skills, singing and playing some musical instruments (mostly guitar).
Almost every character in the world where she lives can play music. It rocks.

Personality: Despite all the sharp teeth and spikes, she is harmless, kind, sincere and friendly. But ironically she can not live without travelling, and none of her friends can keep up with her. She feels very lonely, but there is no power to make her stop. Neight has a stubborn, unpredictable nature. She acts both like human and wild animal at the same time.
She can be smart, but she has a really weird way of thinking. Sometimes it helps her to solve problems, sometimes it creates them.

When someone drives her crazy, she growls and demonstrates her weapon, teeth and spikes, but avoids fighting 
unless she needs to defense herself or someone else.
When attacking, tries to get closer to the enemy, breathes not very hot fire, uses her claws, teeth and even wings. Neightis always tries to put her foe to flight without giving him mortal wounds.

Bipedal, but can appear galloping on 4 legs if high speed is required. I even made a run cycle animation!

Keywords: kind, friendly, stubborn, unpredictable, illogical.

That's all folks!

Oh, one more thing: Neightis is not my alter-ego or something. I took her name for the pseudonym just because I liked the way it sounds.

English is not my native language so be sure to tell me if I made a lot of big mistakes. Maybe I have no idea what I just wrote :)

Thank you.

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